SHE DFW is a transformative program offered by Mission Bridges, specifically designed to uplift women from low-income neighborhoods in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our mission is to empower these women by providing a comprehensive range of tailored business services. From networking events and mentorship to essential job skills training, technology education, interview preparation, and resume-building support, SHE DFW equips women with the knowledge and resources they need to pursue meaningful employment or entrepreneurship. We understand the unique challenges women face in business and employment, and we're here to bridge the gap, offering opportunities for growth, success, and economic independence. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift women in our community through education, support, and collaboration.


Bridging The Gap is a dedicated program crafted to offer women, minorities, and underserved individuals the essential tools and knowledge required to assess the viability of a new business concept, initiate the establishment of a company, and effectively foster business growth. Our comprehensive program equips participants with education, valuable resources, strategic insights, and the self-assurance necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence. Whether you're envisioning a startup or aiming to expand an existing venture, "Bridging The Gap" paves the way for success by empowering diverse entrepreneurs with the skills and support they need to thrive.


Transitions Entrepreneur is tailored to assist military veterans and families on their entrepreneurial journey. Our programs have been thoughtfully crafted and are guided by experienced entrepreneurs who understand the unique challenges veterans may encounter. Designed with accessibility in mind, our programs welcome participants from any location, ensuring a collaborative and well-structured learning experience.




Reset Entrepreneur

ReSet Entrepreneur empowers individuals to establish their own businesses, enabling them to overcome the systemic discrimination prevalent in the job market. Our "Reset Entrepreneur Program" is dedicated to providing essential resources and mentorship to those with a criminal background, helping them transcend the stigma often linked to their past convictions. Through this program, we create avenues for economic opportunity, allowing participants to build a brighter future and contribute positively to their communities.


Capacity building plays a vital role in the success of nonprofit organizations. It encompasses various actions aimed at enhancing their effectiveness and strengthening their ability to pursue their mission. To ensure the success of capacity building efforts within a nonprofit, specific steps and strategies must be undertaken. Our Thrive training program is designed to provide guidance on building and bolstering your nonprofit's capacity, ultimately facilitating the achievement of your intended outcomes.